Active Duty Favorites: Penetration Compilation

<b>0:05</b> – <a href=’–Brian-Torrez/117845′>Allen & Brian</a><br /><b>4:32</b> – <a href=’–Ryan-Jordan/118881′>Ivan & Ryan</a><br /><b>9:17</b> – <a href=’–Jesse-Nice/170373′>Brandon & Jesse</a><br /><b>14:10</b> – <a href=’–Blake-Effortley/147913′>Elye & Blake</a><br /><b>18:36</b> – <a href=’–Ryan-Jordan/116041′>Allen & Ryan</a><br /><b>23:54</b> – <a href=’–Spencer-Laval/133213′>John & Spencer</a><br /><b>29:40</b> – <a href=’–Princeton-Price/133802′>Quentin & Princeton</a><br /><b>34:27</b> – <a href=’–Cameron-Vincent-/134627′>Spencer & Cameron</a><br /><b>40:44</b> – <a href=’–Laith-Inkley/131938′>Quentin & Laith</a><br />

Hairy Daddies Compilation

For those loving hor hairy daddies fucking hard, we have you covered! Our talented editors compiled the best daddies from our catalog! Enjoy.<br></br> <br></br><b>00:08</b> – <a href=’’>Backroom Tease</a><br /><b>07:22</b> – <a href=’′>Coaches Dirty Secret Part 1</a><br /><b>15:00</b> – <a href=’’>Distraction Action</a><br /><b>21:12</b> – <a href=’’>Well Worth The Wait</a><br /><b>27:39</b> – <a href=’’>Yes Coach</a><br />

State of Arousal – Colton Grey & Bruno Bernal

Their tongues intertwined, Colton Grey and Bruno Bernal let go of their inhibitions and submit to the pull of their heightened sexual arousal. Colton’s huge cock and heavy balls are irresistible to Bruno, who falls on his knees and inhales Colton’s throbbing member. Colton leans back, savoring the sensation and showing off his six pack abs and colorful tattoo. Reaching for Bruno’s ass, Colton works a finger into Bruno’s hole, foreshadowing what is to come. Colton repositions himself behind Bruno and shoves his face into Bruno’s ass. As he works his spit into Bruno’s hole, he tugs on Bruno’s balls to increase the sensations. With Bruno’s hole lubed up, it’s time for them to raise the stakes. Bruno sits on Colton’s cock and goes for a hell of a ride, using his thick, muscular legs to raise and lower himself on Colton’s girthy tool. As he starts thrusting up into Bruno from below, Colton’s big balls bounce and slap against Bruno’s ass. Moving to missionary position, Bruno puts his left leg up in the air so Colton can pummel his hole with maximum penetration. The intensity of their sexual chemistry increases as their fucking becomes more and more energetic. With Colton pounding his g-spot, Bruno strokes out a viscous load that splashes across his leg. Grabbing his cock, Colton lets loose with a massive stream of cum that saturates Bruno’s torso.

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