George and Maxim

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George Basten and Maxim Moira were on a romantic walk when Maxim takes George’s hand, pulls him to a stop and locks lips in a deep, passionate kiss. As our two young studs are kissing Maxim reaches down, unbuttons and unzips George’s pants before kneeling down in front of George, swallowing his manhood all the way to its base. George moans with pleasure and Maxim expertly works his cock; but, it’s not long before George wants to switch positions. George expertly helps Maxim out of his pants before dropping to his knees in front of George’s thick and erect cock. Swallowing deep George takes in every inch Maxim has, gagging a few times because of the size. Ready for some ass action, George motions for Maxim to lie back on some pallets. George climbs on top of Maxim and slowly sits down on his cock. It does not take George long to get used to the size as he starts bouncing up and down on it, his cock bouncing off of Maxim’s tight stomach. Ready for a different position, George jumps down and kneels on the ground. Maxim comes in from the rear and slowly pushes his cock deep inside George and then Maxim begins pounding George’s ass while George’s erect cock flops back and forth with the rhythm. George and Maxim reposition back to the pallets where Maxim starts fucking George’s ass again and George grabs his cock, working it in time with Maxim’s thrusts. George indicates that he’s close and as Maxim continues to thrust in and out, George shoots a thick load of creamy jizz all over his stomach. Maxim pulls out just in time to blow and even thicker load of cum all over George’s balls, cock and stomach.

Casper and Damien

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Casper Wats and Damien Rivkin have spent the morning kicking the football; practicing their scoring, when all of the sudden the water was turned on in the field and they had to quit. As these two hot studs run into the house they happily start kissing and soon they are taking their clothes off in the middle of the kitchen. As the clothes hit the floor Casper jumps up on the counter with his cock hard as a rock. Damien kneels in front of Casper, swallows his engorged cock and begins orally working that piece of meat. Of course Casper is enjoying the attention as he uses his foot to play with Damien’s cock which is also standing at attention. Casper wants Damien’s cock so he jumps up from the counter, kneels down in front of Damien and swallows his cock right to the base before he begins working it like it’s the last cock he’s ever going to put in his mouth. This excitement must have been too much for Casper. He stands up rather quickly, takes his cock in hand and shoots a thick, creamy load of jizz all over the floor and onto Damien. But they are not done yet. Damien turns around and lies down face first on the counter top with his legs spread. Casper buries his face in Damien’s ass and begins working his asshole with his tongue. When Damien’s hole is ready for penetration he stands up and backs his ass into Casper. Slowly at first, Casper pushes his cock deep into Damien; but, once in and loose, Casper begins fucking Damien like there is no tomorrow. After a good bit of ass fucking Casper decides that he wants some of Damien’s cock. Damien lies down on the countertop and Casper climbs on top and sits down on Damien’s thick and erect penis. Damien fucks Casper just the right way and soon Casper shoots a thick stream jizz all over Damien and all without Casper even touching his cock. Now fully excited, Damien pulls out of Casper just in time to shoot his load of cum all over his cock, balls and Casper’s ass.