Better Than Her – Scott Finn & Ty Derrick

With his girlfriend away, Ty Derrick will play. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, and besides, Scott Finn is just too tempting to pass up, with a mouth made to please and an ass worth the risk of getting busted. Ty and Scott waste no time getting down and dirty upstairs, as Ty perches Scott up on the sofa and dives face first into his hole, tongue fucking him before standing up and giving Scott the rock hard raw dick that he craves. Scott moans his approval as Ty delivers the goods, fucking the cum out of Scott before emptying his load all over Scott’s hole. They better clean up before she comes home. Enjoy!

Handpacked II – Manpacked – Armin Rush & Joe Serrano & Steve Richards

Scene Two proves that good help may be hard to find – but not for Joe Serrano who wanders into a leather outfitter’s in Silverlake. Armin Rush comes out from behind the counter to give Serrano the kind of ‘hands-on’ (and hands-in) service he desires. Customer Steve Richards jumps on board turning the action into a runaway train with his monster cock bringing up the rear!

Show Me That Big Cock! – Joe Parker & Jessie Colter

Joe Parker & Jessie Colter are lying in bed and Jessie is trying to get a look at Joe’s big cock, but Joe is playing hard to get. After tussling back and forth for a bit, Jessie gets his way and Joe pulls out his cock. Jessie immediately demonstrates his exceptional cock sucking skills by deep throating all of Joe’s huge cock. Once they are undressed, Joe sucks Jessie’s cock for a bit before Jessie offers up his ass to Joe’s tongue. After Joe rims him, he starts fucking Jessie on all fours at first. As Joe is sensitive, he likes to wear a condom so he does not cum too fast. Jessie then rides Joe’s cock for a while before ripping off Joe’s condom and then lying on his back and letting Joe fuck him raw until both explode with intense orgasm’s.