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Petr and Martin

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Our two hot studs Petr Zuska and Martin Dajnar, decided it was time for a little kink play. Martin is sitting on the sofa blind-folded and Petr is just finishing binding Martin’s hands as we fade in on the two. Once Petr has Martin bound he begins kissing Martin and as he slides behind Martin he lifts his shirt and starts rubbing his chest and underwear. The rope that bound Martin’s hands quickly and conveniently falls away and Martin reaches up to remove his blindfold. With blindfold and rope removed Petr reaches down and pulls Martin’s already aroused, thick cock from the confines of his shorts and begins working his oral wonders. It does not take long until Petr is helped out of his shorts by Martin and as Petr continues to work Martin’s cock, Martin grabs Petr’s cock and starts working to arouse him. Petr kneels beside Martin allowing Martin unobstructed access to his cock which Martin wastes no time in sucking down. Petr spits on his fingers and on Martin’s hole before he attempts to slide his fingers into Martin’s waiting ass. After a few moments of loosening him up, Petr begins finger fucking Martin, prepping him for what’s to come. Martin pulls one leg back, opening his hole for Petr and Petr pushes his cock slowly at first; but, once in he begins fucking Martin harder and harder. Our two studs fuck like bunnies until Martin just cannot take it anymore. He grabs his cock one last time, stroking it intently and with Petr still fucking his ass Martin blows a thick load of sticky cum all over his tummy and cock. This puts Pet over the edge and he quickly pulls out of Martin’s ass, and cum starts squirting all over Martin’s hole. Exhausted and spent our two studs head off for the showers.

Erik Haaz

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Hunky Erik Haaz is a tall drink of water who always enjoys showing off for the camera. After a short interview, Erik strips down and does a little posing for us showing off his lean, muscular body. When he is finished giving us a close inspection of his muscular form Erik sits down on the chair, grabs his manhood in his hand and with just a few touches he is rock hard and at attention. As Erik stands to continue jerking his cock, a buddy of his walks thru, pulls out his cock to show Erik another hard cock and proof that Erik can get others excited. Erik kneels up on the sofa and continues to work his cock; but, soon lies down on his back, pulling his legs back. As he lifts his legs revealing his sweet, tight asshole, Erik takes his hand and pulls his ass cheeks apart and using his finger starts playing with his hole. Erik stands up again and taking his cock in hand he begins whipping it slowly and then quickly; working the excitement and then easing off; teasing himself as we know he’s about to explode. His body tightens, his breathing gets stronger and you can see the glow of sweat on his tight body. With a final thrust and jerk Erik’s cock start streaming out the thickest, juiciest cream that sprayed all over the floor with a long stream left hanging from his cock. As the camera fades out Erik turns to give us one last satisfied smile.

Jonathan and Lou

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Our two studs Jonathan Linz and Lou Devane have just cleaned up the breakfast dishes, and they are so horny that they start making out right there on the table. They pull each other’s shirts off, revealing their silky smooth torsos. Lou wastes no time yanking off Jonathan’s pants, and then quickly strips out of his own shorts revealing a thick uncut piece of meat framed by just the perfect amount of blonde pubic hair. They kiss for a while, and then Jonathan decides he has to have his buddy’s cock right now and goes to town sucking on it. He is clearly enjoying himself while he sucks, as his own chubby starts growing and hardening. He continues to work on Lou’s cock, focusing on the sensitive crown and foreskin… and you can tell by Lou’s tightening balls that he is really turned on. At this point, Lou is getting a little too close to the edge and is not ready to cum yet… so he flips Jonathan over on his back, and starts returning the blowjob by bobbing up and down on Jonathan’s now rock hard shaft. Lou bends Jonathan in half to access his sweet hole, and begins to lick and prep the hot love tunnel with spit for what is about to come. Lou than squats and straddles Jonathan while he is still on his back with his knees to his chest, giving Lou perfect access to start fucking his buddy. They fuck like this for a good long while, and then Lou lies down on his back so that Jonathan can straddle him, and bob up and down on his thick sheathed cock from above. Lou is hitting Jonathan’s prostate just right, and Jonathan can no longer hold it as he start shooting cum all over the place with Lou’s cock still planted inside him. Jonathan’s tightening and pulsing fuck tunnel sends Lou over the edge, as Jonathan pulls the condom off of Lou’s cock and starts pumping his shaft until he cums… squeezing out every last delicious drop with the foreskin sliding back and forth over the engorged head. Our lovers kiss passionately as we fade to black, but we know this is only the start of their sexcapades for the day.

Hugo and Flavio

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Our two Latin hunks are feeling quite horny after getting home from their workout at the gym, and start making out on the couch. Bearded stud Flavio can’t keep his hands off of smooth skinned Hugo, and he starts massaging Hugo’s swiftly inflating cock through his shorts… reaching in quickly to touch and tease the hot expanding flesh. Flavio continues to kiss Hugo, then begins licking his way down Hugo’s chest and tickling his hardening nipples for a moment with some rapid flicks of his tongue. Flavio then grabs Hugo’s cock again through his shorts, and begins licking and sucking it right through the material. Hugo has had enough of the tease, and craves Flavio’s mouth on his now rock hard cock. Flavio pulls down the waistband of his shorts, releasing his uncut manhood as it springs free… and Hugo immediately goes to work licking and sucking his buddy’s delicious Latin sausage. The two are so worked up that they don’t need much foreplay, and we cut to Hugo inserting his cock into Flavio’s tight and muscular hole. Hugo fucks Flavio from behind, and Flavio is clearly enjoying it as his own rock hard cock sways back and forth with each of Hugo’s thrusts. They lay back on the couch as Hugo continues to pound away, with Flavio moaning in ecstasy. Hugo wants a better position, and flips Flavio over on his back… lifting his legs up… and resumes fucking his studly friend. The two gaze into each other’s eyes, and kiss while they fuck. Flavio gets so hard and turned on that he is on the verge of cumming, but he is not ready for that yet… he has plans to turn the tables on Hugo. They quickly change positions, with Flavio now in control as he finally gets to plunge his cock into Hugo’s hot love tunnel. Flavio fucks his buddy from behind for a while, “Badpuppy style”. We cut to Hugo on his back, with his ass raised up on the edge of the couch, giving Flavio perfect access to really fuck his buddy hard. After fucking and being fucked, Hugo has had enough and needs to cum NOW… we cut to him standing over Flavio, as he begins pumping out his hot creamy load all over Flavio’s face, with Flavio licking the remaining drops from the sensitive tip. Flavio is ready to go over the edge at this point, so they quickly change positions with Flavio standing over Hugo. Flavio starts pumping his cock, but he is so turned on that it doesn’t take long for him to start spewing all over Hugo’s face… cum starts dripping from Hugo’s lip to his chin to his chest. Our studs kiss, and are both still rock hard as they head off to the shower to clean up for their next workout.

Daren and Mario

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Daren Hecker loves muscles and all he could think of was touching and rubbing Mario Rafanelli. We join these two studs standing in the living room with Daren sensually massaging Mario’s muscles thru his shirt. Daren lifts Mario’s shirt over his head and then slowly begins working his hands all over Mario’s chest and arms. Daren reaches down, unzips Mario’s pants and slides them to the floor so that he could get his hands into Mario’s underwear. Definitely excited at Daren’s touch, Mario’s cock is standing at attention and looking for more as Daren reaches around continuing to massage Mario’s perfectly toned body. Daren slips out of his clothes and presses his naked body against Mario as he licks at Mario’s nipples. Kneeling down, Daren begins licking and kissing Mario’s cock as he reaches back and grabs a bottle of oil. Daren stands up and begins slowly squirting the oil onto Mario’s naked body. As the oil begins to run down Mario’s body, Daren begins slowly rubbing it in, making sure every inch of Mario is covered with the shiny oil. Daren turns around and backs up to Mario and begins working the oil with his ass and back, stimulating Mario’s cock, making it harder and harder. Kneeling down again, Daren sucks up Mario’s cock giving him a suck job that any of us would be jealous over. Finally Daren has Mario lie down on the sofa and crawling on top of him, Daren continues to massage Mario’s back and ass muscles, slowly working Mario’s hole with his fingers and finally his tongue. Mario rolls over on his back and Daren goes to work on Mario’s cock, sucking and jerking it until Mario erupts with thick load of cum squirting all over his cock and stomach.