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Tai & Jay

Tai is a dark haired beefy hairy guy and in stark contrast is red-haired Jay. Tai’s about 10 years older than Jay and a total bottom while Jay is a young cum hungry top.

The two mess around sucking cock – curling up into a 69 where Tai’s hairy body is offset by Jay’s pale skin in a kind of sexy ying yang symbol. Jay’s cock slides into Tai’s hairy ass and he pounds that furry butt with glee.

The peel off each other and jerk their own cocks til they blow their loads and say thank you – good night!

Bound, Beaten and Blow Me Part 3

Master DJ flips the boy over and then gets down to some serious fucking. The restrained boy has little alternative but to enjoy the hard cock of his Master.
Finally the Master gives the helpless boy a great cumshot over his arse and back before finding him unworthy of further attention and leaving him tied for anyone else to enjoy.