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Adding Race to the Gay Pride flag….HELL NO!

THIS is NOT a Gay Pride flag.

This is pure and simple, unadulterated racism against anyone who isn’t dark-skinned. First of all, the Gay Pride flag has never been about race. It has always been inclusive of everyone, and if YOU need your skin color painted on it to feel included, then the problem lies with YOU, not with me. I hope I don’t see this flag anywhere near me because you WILL be called out for racism publicly if I do.
#racism #notgaypride #hatedisguised #notinclusive #racistpride

Request BBRTS to drop their VPN restrictions

Bareback Realtime Sex ( is a hookup site for the condom-free crowd, and it’s nice to have. BUT, they block the use of VPNs when connecting to their site, jeopardizing the safety of their customers who need to be able to hide their identity and/or location. It’s time for this to stop. If you are a member of the site, click on the “Contact Us” and send them a message that you need to be able to use a VPN while using their site, or you can call them at 520-829-4420.  It’s 2017, and this kind of site should have their customer’s best interest at heart. BBRTS does not in this case.  I know of no other sites of their type blocking VPN usage, and I believe a lack of technical expertise may be part of the problem.

*Note: I am not promoting their use at this time due to the lack of VPN support, but I am providing their link and phone so you can voice your concern.


Justin Dean Fucks Junior Fernandez

Justin Dean finds out that the quiet ones are the ones you’ve got to worry about! Junior Fernandez wants to show Justin Dean something deep in the woods and thankfully for both of them, Justin is happy to oblige. When Junior pushes Justin up against a tree, things quickly take a turn for the sexy and soon Justin finds his cock in Junior’s willing mouth. Junior is clearly has more to show Justin than the beautiful outdoors and Justin Dean is ready to return the favor, taking all of Junior’s cock in his mouth.

A sudden rain storm finds them taking shelter indoors where they have more rainy day activities planned. Junior Fernandez is ready to finish what he started and quickly sucks on Justin’s hard cock until Justin can no longer stand it. He bends Junior over and goes tongue deep in his hole, fingering him, and moaning with pleasure. The tease of Justin’s tongue is too much for Junior and soon he’s filled with Justin’s hard cock, but Justin Dean isn’t finished yet and he invites Junior to take a ride on his cock. They move to a chair where Justin helps Junior bounce up and down to near completion.

Placing him on his back, Justin fills Junior yet again, much to both of their delight. When Junior breathlessly tells Justin he’s about to cum, Justin pounds him harder until Junior can’t keep his hands off his own rock hard dick. Junior cums all over his stomach while moaning loudly until Justin pulls out, straddles him, and blows his hot load all over Junior’s toned, cum soaked abs.