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Petr Cernyka

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Petr Cernyka just got back from a run as he’s preparing for a 10k run this weekend. His muscles were sore so he stopped by his favorite masseur for a good muscle workout. As he enters the room, Petr lies face down on the bed, waiting on the masseur to arrive. The masseur walks over to the bed, puts his towel and oil down beside Petr and he very sensually begins working Petr’s back and arm muscles. Working down Petr’s back our masseur slides his hands under Petr’s shorts, massaging his buns before slowly sliding down his underwear. Applying some more massage oil directly to Petr’s ass, our masseur begins working in the oil and massaging Petr’s tired muscles. Spreading Petr’s legs so that he can get better access, the masseur begins rubbing Petr’s cock head which starts to thicken within seconds of being touched. Our masseur helps Petr kneel up on his knees where he can more readily get to his asshole and cock. After a few minutes of working Petr’s ass muscles with his hands our masseur grabs his yellow probe and begins probing Petr’s ass. Slowly working the yellow butt probe in and out, Petr’s cock gets harder and harder with each tug of the masseurs hand. We’ll just assume that the masseur felt like the yellow butt probe did not suffice anymore and he grabs a very thick, black butt plug. After a few moments of prepping Petr’s hole for it the masseur slowly works it into Petr’s asshole while continuing to massage his buns. Rolling over on his back, Petr grabs his cock and starts stroking while the masseur works the oil into his chest muscles. But the masseur squirts some lotion onto Petr’s cock and moves Petr’s hands out of the way as he begins to stroke Petr’s penis. Ready for his final release, our masseur grabs Petr’s cock and puts it in his mouth, working it very methodically until he grabs Petr’s cock in his hands and spits a thick load of jizz all over his stomach and the masseur’s hands. While it may have looked like Petr was very relaxed; he shot his load all the way up to his face.

Boris and Julian

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After a night of partying Boris Encinas and Julian Mattei hook up for some hot sex. We find them kissing on the sofa, rubbing each other’s chest and cocks; quickly ditching their pants. Once their clothes were laying on the floor Boris goes straight for Julian’s cock which he swallows in its entirety. As he’s sucking Julian’s dick, Julian reaches around and strokes Boris’ fully engorged cock; obviously turned on with the thick cock he has in his hands and mouth. Wanting to get some of that cock action himself, Julian has Boris stand up on the back of the sofa where he can orally service Boris’ cock. Julian switches places with Boris and as he bends over exposing his ass, Boris starts licking Julian’s asshole and working it with his tongue. After a good priming, Julian kneels down on the sofa and Boris buries his thick cock all the way up Julian’s ass and starts pounding furiously. Boris fucks Julian on his knees for a few minutes and then he sits down on the sofa where Julian sits himself down onto Boris’s cock again; riding up and down, his own long, hard cock bouncing with each thrust. As he is getting fucked by Boris’ cock Julian takes his own cock in hand and with a few strokes cum shoots all over his cock, stomach and floor. Boris pulls out of Julian, grabs his own cock and squirts a thick juicy load all over Julian’s balls and cock.

Nico and York

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Nico Sideropolis woke up next to York Penello; both with fully erect morning wood. Nico kneels down next to the still sleeping York and begins stroking his cock. Almost instantely York’s cock spits a load of cum onto his stomach and Nico strokes his cock a little hard spewing sperm onto Nico’s chest. Getting up from the bed, Nico walks over, pulls the curtains and walks out onto the balcony where he stands naked in all of his glory. Walking back in, Nico heads for the shower and the noise of the water finally wakens York who joins Nico in the shower. Dropping to his knees York starts sucking Nico’s cock and licking his balls. After a few minutes of cock sucking York suddenly stands and begins rubbing his cock against Nico’s and soon thereafter they both shoot a juicy load of cum all without touching their cocks. Then it’s back to the bedroom when Nico bends over the bed allowing York to bury his tongue deep into Nico’s asshole as he works Nico’s cock with his hands. York rolls over on the bed and Nico sits down on York’s cock and begins riding it up and down; stroking his rock hard cock as York shifts his cock in and out of Nico’s ass. Ready to turn things around, Nico pulls the condom off of York’s cock, puts one on his and shoves his thick cock deep inside York’s waiting ass. York excitedly jerks his cock until it spits all over the bed and all the while Nico keeps fucking until at the last minute he pulls out and shoots his creamy jizz all over York’s back and ass.

Erik and Petr

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Erik Drda just left the gym and stopped by to see Petr Zuska for some relaxing play time. Erik removes his shirt and pants revealing and incredibly built body. He spies the bottle of lotion on the table, picks it up and squeezes the contents into his hands which he begins applying to his own muscles. As he rubs the lotion into his muscles his hands intermittently disappear into his shorts catching a little grab of his cock. Turning around Erik tempts us with his perfect ass cheeks when he pulls down his shorts before applying more lotion to his legs. Erik lies back on the bed as he waits for Petr to arrive. When Petr walks in he comes over to the bed and very tenderly starts caressing Erik’s muscular body, taking in every gorgeous inch. Petr grabs the lotion, squirts some into his hands and after warming it just a little he begins applying it to Erik. Erik is definitely into the touching as you can see his cock growing harder inside his shorts, especially when Petr moves his hands anywhere new Erik’s crotch. Pulling off Erik’s short, Petr grabs Erik’s cock and begins stroking it getting it even harder before he sucks it into his mouth and begins his tongue massage. As Petr pulls Erik’s legs back, exposing his firm and hairy hole he kneels down and sticks his tongue as far up Erik’s asshole as he can get it. After some good ass priming with Petr’s tongue and fingers, Petr grabs two different dildos. Alternating between the two dildos and slowly jerking Erik’s cock, Petr sends Erik over the edge as he squirts a thick load of jizz all over his stomach and cock. Petr slides up by Erik, grabs his own cock and busts his nut all over Erik’s cock and chest. After the hot sex scene both studs hit the showers where they slowly shower each other.

Roco and Petr

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Petr Cernyka had never kissed a guy and Roco Rita wanted to be the first. The first kiss was quick; but, you could see by the look in Petr’s eye that it was okay to proceed. While rather awkward at first the kissing continued as the shirts fly off and each other hands were groping the other. Roco lies back on the bed with Petr on top kissing his face and licking his chest, slowly moving down his tummy until he gets to Roco’s pants. Petr grabs the top of Roco’s pants, pulls them down and Roco’s cock, completely stiff with excitement, pops straight up and Petr sucks it right into his mouth. Roco enjoys a nice blow job from the newly experienced Petr; but, wants to move things along and he rolls Petr over on the bed. Roco tenderly kisses Petr’s chest and stomach as he moves downwards toward Petr’s cock, still trapped in his jeans. Pulling off Petr’s jeans Roco pushes Petr’s legs back so that he can get to his asshole with his tongue and fingers. Roco slowly works Petr’s hole with his finger, loosening it up for his thick cock, which after a few minutes of priming he buries deep in Petr as Petr climbs on top and sits down. Petr literally takes a good ass pounding from Roco lying under him and they switch positions with Petr on his back. Rocco pushes his thick cock back inside Petr and continues to fuck him hard until he blows his load deep inside Petr; but, don’t worry, we get to see the results. Petr lies down on the bed and Roco tells him to cum in his mouth. Petr grabs his cock and with a few excited thrusts of his hand he blows a thick load all over his stomach and cock with Roco licking up the sweet treat.