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Hole Busters 10 – Blue Bailey & Marcus Ruhl

Marcus Ruhl spies Blue Bailey lying on his back ready and waiting for some hardcore assplay. Marcus teases Blue’s tight hole then makes him beg to be plowed with a footlong latex cock. Marcus works Blue’s hole over long and hard then swaps out the dildo for the giant rubber balls. He shoves them in one at a time until three of them disappear inside Blue’s bubble-butt. Blue has been stroking his huge cock and needs a little help to push him over the edge so Marcus selects a thick fake cock and slams it into Blue’s ass. Marcus pulls on his own thick meat until they both shoot their loads.

Big On The Inside – Nick Piston & Billy Cochran

Hot House Exclusive Nick Piston has Club Inferno favorite Billy Cochran right where he wants him – with his tasty round ass prone and ready for some hot tongue action. Once free from the stockade, Cochran swaps deep-throat blowjobs with Piston. Nick takes control, throws Cochran on his back, shoves his fat cock deep inside Cochran’s throbbing hole and grabs a nearby candle to drip hot wax all over Cochran’s chest, nipples and muscled abdomen. Piston probes and primes Cochran’s hole for a fat 10lb dildo, followed by a fat fire-plug dildo and eventually his gloved, lubed fists. Eventually both men shoot loads of cum, followed by a hot golden shower from Piston all over Cochran’s sweaty, cum-splattered body.

Butt In – Steve Pierce

Steve Pierce takes center stage in a solo scene that guarantees you will never look at the produce section the same way again! After riding a very average sized dildo and fingering his own ass, Pierce decides to feed his hole some fresh vegetables. Skillfully controlling the muscles in his famous anus, Pierce inserts and ejects objects at varying speeds, including a huge eggplant – and that’s only the beginning!

Strong-Armed 2 – Michael Soldier & Bryan Wyatt

Bryan Wyatt and Michael Soldier are trapped in an aggressive lip lock. Soldier sports a leather harness and pins down his partner, licking at his armpits. Soldier dips his fat cock and shaved balls in Wyatt’s mouth, then shoves them down his throat. Soldier fingers Wyatt’s ass with interest, spreading the ass-less chaps and using his tongue to drive Wyatt wild. He drags his cock-head across Wyatt’s pink hole. Wyatt puts a condom on his partner with his mouth, then bends over and takes it deep inside his ass. After a vigorous fuck, Soldier pulls out his cock and busts a hot nut.

Hangin’ Hardcore – Alexander Gustavo & Jaxton Wheeler

Athletic Alexander Gustavo’s wrist restraints are bound to a spreader bar hanging above his head. Beefcake Jaxton Wheeler, dressed in a full rubber uniform, spanks Alexander’s ass, leaving his ass cheeks with a pink tinge. Grabbing an anal massager, Jaxton stimulates Alexander’s prostate. Alexander moans with pleasure, and his cock swells inside his rubber jockstrap. Looking for a new way to use his sub, Jaxton grabs a metal ass hook and slides it in Alexander’s hole. Rigging the hook to the spreader bar creates constant tension, and Jaxton uses the massager to make the hook vibrate inside Alexander’s ass. With Alexander immobilized, Jaxton then pummels his ass with the open palms of his hands, reddening Alexander’s cheeks even more. Climbing atop a chair, Jaxton unleashes his massive cock and gets a wet, slurping blowjob from Alexander. Jaxton removes the metal hook for an intense doggy style fuck that brings him to the edge. Jaxton releases Alexander from his bondage and showers his face with cum.