Wild Weekend Part 2 – JJ Knight & Kyler Ash

In the Castro, the bars are slammed with Pride party-goers, and the scene at Beaux is filled with hot, gorgeous guys raring to fuck. JJ Knight gets lucky right away with fellow Pride-goer Kyler Ash. They duck into the bathroom stall and start making out as the music pounds away. As Kyler starts blowing JJ’s monster meat, JJ’s friend and roommate Wesley Woods sneaks a peek over the stall wall, but JJ and Kyler are having too much fun to notice Wesley. JJ starts thrusting his hips as Kyler slurps on JJ’s massive tool. JJ has always been an ass man, and Kyler’s perfect butt is too delicious to resist. JJ parts Kyler’s cheeks and dives in with his tongue, wetting Kyler’s asshole in preparation for an intense fucking. With Kyler’s hole lubed and ready, JJ slides in his hard dick. Gasping, Kyler feels his hole stretch wide to accommodate JJ’s super thick girth. Picking up speed, JJ pounds Kyler deeper and harder, and Kyler loves every minute of it. They move to a sit-fuck, and Kyler’s cock bounces in the air as he rides JJ’s meat. Grabbing his dick, Kyler jerks out a huge load while bucking up and down on JJ’s meat, then kneels on the ground and gets JJ’s cum blasted right in his face.


Post Workout Romp – Mike De Marko & Marc Giacomo

They just finished working out and Mike is feeling a little frisky. Marc isn’t sure if they should get it on and he keeps looking around making sure nobody is around. Mike assures him that it’s just them in the locker room. Marc finally gives in and Mike drops to his knees and begins sniffing Marc’s jockstrap. He slowly pulls it off revealing Marc’s hard veiny cock which he then wraps his warm juicy lips around it. Marc tilts his head back and releases a deep moan as his man deep throats his throbbing cock. Marc loves sucking dick too so they switch it up so he can get his hands and mouth around Mike’s big ass dick. Mike face fucks Marc until he’s ready to rim that sexy manly ass. Marc bends Mike over the bench than spreads his legs wide so Mike’s ass perks up and reveals his beautiful sexy hole. Marc licks him all over even sucking his dick from behind. Mike’s ass is lubed and ready for a big dick so Marc pushes in deep and starts to give Mike the fucking of his life in the locker room. They are so turned on that they flip the script and Mike has Marc ride is fat dick on the locker room floor. A customer could come into the locker room at any second so they finish up with Marc fucking Mike again lying on his back until he blasts his nut all over his hairy chest.



Hung Country – Abraham Al Malek & Hector de Silva

On a trip into the Spanish countryside, lovers Abraham Al Malek and Hector de Silva can’t keep their hands off each other. As they admire a rushing waterfall, they’re struck by an overwhelming erotic urge. As they strip off their shirts and make out, rain starts to fall, but that doesn’t deter Abraham from swallowing Hector’s hard cock. When the weather gets too bad, they retreat to their warm, country cottage and really get down to business. Their cocks hang out of their white briefs, and Abraham goes down for round two of cocksucking. Hector loses the underwear and bends over a table, and Abraham eagerly shoves his tongue down Hector’s perfect hole. Moaning, Hector urges Abraham to go all the way, an invitation which is gladly accepted. Slowly, Abraham pushes his enormous dick deep down into Hector’s ass. With Hector’s hole stretched out, Abraham picks up speed, ramming Hector with awesome intensity. Trading places, Abraham leans on the table and parts his furry ass cheeks for Hector’s tongue. As Abraham jerks himself off, Hector thrusts his huge dick inside Abraham and fucks him hard. Their six pack abs flex as the intense pounding brings them close to orgasm. When he cums, Hector shoots an enormous load that covers Abraham’s torso. Rubbing the spunk into his skin, Abraham jerks himself off until his thick, white load erupts everywhere.


Petr and Martin

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Our two hot studs Petr Zuska and Martin Dajnar, decided it was time for a little kink play. Martin is sitting on the sofa blind-folded and Petr is just finishing binding Martin’s hands as we fade in on the two. Once Petr has Martin bound he begins kissing Martin and as he slides behind Martin he lifts his shirt and starts rubbing his chest and underwear. The rope that bound Martin’s hands quickly and conveniently falls away and Martin reaches up to remove his blindfold. With blindfold and rope removed Petr reaches down and pulls Martin’s already aroused, thick cock from the confines of his shorts and begins working his oral wonders. It does not take long until Petr is helped out of his shorts by Martin and as Petr continues to work Martin’s cock, Martin grabs Petr’s cock and starts working to arouse him. Petr kneels beside Martin allowing Martin unobstructed access to his cock which Martin wastes no time in sucking down. Petr spits on his fingers and on Martin’s hole before he attempts to slide his fingers into Martin’s waiting ass. After a few moments of loosening him up, Petr begins finger fucking Martin, prepping him for what’s to come. Martin pulls one leg back, opening his hole for Petr and Petr pushes his cock slowly at first; but, once in he begins fucking Martin harder and harder. Our two studs fuck like bunnies until Martin just cannot take it anymore. He grabs his cock one last time, stroking it intently and with Petr still fucking his ass Martin blows a thick load of sticky cum all over his tummy and cock. This puts Pet over the edge and he quickly pulls out of Martin’s ass, and cum starts squirting all over Martin’s hole. Exhausted and spent our two studs head off for the showers.

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