One Night At The Ready – Skyy Knox & Jason Vario

Skyy Knox is dressed in business attire having a beverage at the Ready Bar when he spills it on Jason Vario’s construction uniform. Jason is upset and follows Skyy out to the alley. ‘You made a mess, now clean it up,’ Jason says to the clumsy stranger. Doing as he’s told, Skyy proceeds to lick the beverage from Jason’s bulging bicep and dirty boot. Skyy is turned on by the whole humiliation and makes his way up Jason’s leg to his bulging crotch. Ready to get off after a hard day at work, Jason unleashes his uncut beast and rams it down Skyy’s throat, making the dapper hunk gag. Skyy can’t get enough of the monster cock and takes time to rim Jason’s thick foreskin and suck on his giant, full sack. Jason’s instincts take over as he bends Skyy over a bench and rips his pants open for easy access to his fuck hole. Jason goes in and lubes Skyy up with his tongue before he rams his giant cock deep inside. Skyy is ecstatic to receive such an amazing cock letting his hole get relentlessly reamed and stretched as Jason builds to an urgent frenzy. Ready to blow, Jason pulls his throbbing cock out of the tight crack and goes ass to mouth in Skyy’s drooling skull. Jason’s load is large and deliberate as he sprays Skyy’s face and expensive shirt with a gusher of his blue collar sperm. Skyy is satisfied knowing that he’s given all the pleasure he can to the stud and they finish off kissing up Jason’s load in the alley by the dumpster.

Tony’s Audition Raw – Tony

Tony’s first time in front of the camera didn’t go unnoticed. His charisma is unbelievable and his muscular & ripped body is so appealing. This raw version of his first-ever porn shoot shows you all that was captured that day. Lots & lots of new exciting footage for your own enjoyment!

Jack & Kai

Hung Kai, measuring a whopping 6’4″ / 1.95 metres tall, is desperate to shoot a hot, bareback load. And Jack is a very hungry passive bottom with an impressively long, uncut dick who loves to deepthroat and take a load or two…

It’s clear that Kai’s highly sensitive nipples are connected to his uncut meat! And, as shown in his amateur-at-home shoot, a good tweak and a little suck on them make him rock hard without fail. The giant top’s throbbing cock is fully pumped up, ready to enter Jack’s tight hole.

Watch as these two well-connected amateurs love switching up their barebacking positions, showing off on camera for all to see!

STORY: Breeding My Boys Little Hole TAPE #5: Stuck Home

As they spent time together around others, they kept up appearances of a regular man and his boy; only stealing knowing glances and the occasional lingering touch. But moments alone were increasingly rare, making them desperate for a chance to be alone!

It wasn’t until an afternoon came where the two were watching TV that they found a moment to indulge in their desires. The two turned to each other, softly kissing as they felt the blood rush to their loins, driving them wild.

Mr. Landon lifted Ian off the ground and brought him up to the couch. Bending him over the back of the cushions, he gave the boy’s ass a chance to present itself for him. He could have stared at it for hours, but his own lustful passions overrode his thoughts completely.

He planted his mouth between Ian’s velvetine cheeks, feeling the soft peach fuzz of the boy’s ass rub against his face and lips. His boy tasted so sweet, he knew he was going to have to take him right there…

STORY: Boy Tom CHAPTER 2: The Merchandise

Taking young Tom back to the merchandise room to be evaluated, Master Dietrich had to know what he was working with. Tom came willingly, but the handsome daddy needed to assess his full value. The boy scored major points for his eagerness and openness, but Master Dietrich found his true potential as he began to strip him down…

Tom’s eyes looked up at the older man. His eyes were full of anxiety and fear, but also desperation. He had no idea what the he was going to do to him, but his desire didn’t dare let him ask. He may have been afraid of what Master Dietrich would do, but Dolf could tell Tom was also afraid that he would stop, and he knew he didn’t want that.

Dietrich took Tom’s genitals in his hands, feeling the boy’s nuts in his grip, tightening them as he watched him squirm. He was a beautiful, horny young man with a throbbing cock and the heart of a submissive. Master Dietrich knew he would do well at auction!

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