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Andre & Dave

I’m pretty excited to be posting this shoot between two of the most beautiful guys I’ve gotten to shoot with. During my visit to Hungary I was doing some shooting with my mate Dave Circus. Around that time I was also introduced to Andre Johnson by my other mate Jeffry Branson. So I got the idea of hooking these two beautiful guys up together. The shoot was a little bit awkward to begin with since Dave and Andre had never met, but they soon warmed up to each other as the photoshoot got underway. They are both very fit men, and I knew they would get along pretty well. I got them pulling a whole bunch of poses on the couch in my hotel room, followed by a lot of kissing. Eventually we moved in to the bedroom where the guys could get fully naked and start playing with each other. The guys look amazing and I love their photos! I’m looking forward to editing that hot video we made this week.