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Martin Corvin

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Sitting in the sun Martin Corvin was relaxing on the sofa soaking up the warmth. As the sun began warming his chest Martin hands began warming up other areas of his body. With one hand he gently caresses his own lean and ripped chest and with the other he begins working the muscle hidden in his jeans. Martin throws his jeans to the floor leaving him sitting on the sofa sporting a roaring hard-on which he begin working up and down and at the same time coddling his nut-sack which appears taunt and ready to burst already. Martin lies back on the sofa and while continue to work his cock his other hand begins probing at his ass, slowly working his finger in and out of his hole. Ready to bust his nut, Martin stands up and plays with his precum as he also continues to jerk his cock. It’s not long before his body tightens and as his moaning increases Martin releases a thick load of creamy jizz all over the floor, his cock and hand.

Dominique and Vinicius

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Brazilian studs Dominique and Vinicius Costa met each other walking the beach in Rio. It was an immediate attraction and Vinicius took a chance inviting Dominique back to his apartment which Dominique readily accepted. Stopping just outside the patio door Vinicius leans towards Dominique’s face and the two embrace in a deep kiss. As the two go into the apartment kissing continues; but, Vinicius is quick to help Dominique out of his shorts and Dominique’s cock springs to attention. Dropping to his knees Vinicius sucks down every inch of Dominique’s dick, enjoying every inch of it. As both studs fall on the bed, Dominique helps Vinicius out of his shorts and after a brief blowjob Dominique buries his face in Vinicius’ ass ramming his tongue as deep into Vinicius’ hole as possible. Dominique slides up and kisses Vinicius softly on the back of his neck while rubbing his rock hard cock into Vinicius’ ass-crack. Dominique grabs Vinicius’ backside, pulls him back onto his knees and then slowly buries his cock deep inside Vinicius. Once his cock is inside Vinicius, Dominique begins pounding away at Vinicius’ ass, thoroughly getting into the passion of the moment. Rolling over on his side, Vinicius motions for Dominique to lie beside him and Vinicius backs into Dominique’s cock where here begins grinding intently. Ready for more, Vinicius climbs on top of Dominique, sits down on his thick, huge cock and begins riding it up and down working his own ass on Dominique’s cock. Dominique jumps up, pulls Vinicius to the end of the bed, rams his cock back into Vinicius’ ass and begins pounding again, this time with Vinicius stroking his own cock in rhythm with the pounding. It does not take Vinicius long as he erupts with a thick load of cum all over his six-pack cut stomach while Dominique continues to pound at his ass. Satisfied, Vinicius rolls over on his knees and Dominique, stroking his cock, blows his load of jizz all over Vinicius’ ass and just for measure Dominique rams his jizz covered cock deep into Vinicius’ hole one last time. What a great way to start off the week in Rio.

Vic Tapert

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Vic Tapert just got back from the pool and was relaxing on the sofa before his friends arrived. As he is sitting there, Vic begins rubbing his chest thru his shirt and his legs thru his swim trunks. As the subject matter begins to stiffen Vic lifts his shirt over his head and pulls it off revealing a lean, taunt chest and six-pack emblazoned with a couple of really cool tattoos. Undoing his shorts, Vic’s hand reaches in and pulls out his hard and fully erect cock which he beings working feverishly the moment his shorts hit the floor. Vic then kneels on the sofa, continues working his cock and with the other hand gently massages his chest and nipples. After jerking his cock for a few minutes, Vic reaches back and realizes that his ass is in need of some attention. Kneeling backwards on the sofa, resting his head on the back, Vic gives the camera a direct view of his hole and he begins working it with one hand while the other continues to play with his cock. Vic finally turns around and now his cock is rock hard and definitely ready to burst. He sits down on the sofa again and continues to abuse his cock. His balls are very tight so you know that he’s about to pop and that’s exactly what he does. As Vic continues to jack his dick; his jizz starts oozing out all over his cock and stomach. The only thing missing is someone there to lick it up.

David Dornan

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David Dornan wanted some alone time so he went for a walk in the woods. Realizing he is totally alone David stops in a cool, shady spot and decides it’s time for some personal play time. David slowly strips off his shirt revealing a lean, trim young body and as he caresses his chest he starts tugging at the buttons keeping his jeans up. As he slides down his jeans, David begins pulling at his cock thru his shorts, attempting to get it worked up in the sun. He sits back on a rocky outcrop and frees his thick cock from the confines of his shorts and begins stroking it, getting it harder and harder. As he pulls off his shorts, David kneels down, turns his back to the camera giving us all a clear view of that sweet furry ass while at the same time he keeps working his dick with his other hand. David sits back down on the rocks and continues working his cock even harder after standing for a while jerking his cock for all of nature to see. David’s cock gets visibly harder the more he works it. It does not take long before David shoots his thick creamy load all over his stomach with sweet extras dribbling down his shaft.

Garett and Kenny

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Garett Alba met young Kenny Jacobs at a surf competition they were working and they hit it off immediately. Kenny invited Garett back to his place so they could get to know each other a little better. We fade in on our two young studs locked in a kiss and embrace on the bed. As they passionately kiss the boys slowly undress each other revealing two studs that are very turned on for each other. Both of their cocks are standing at attention and Garett immediately swallows every inch of Kenny’s cock, thoroughly enjoying every bit of it. Garett rolls over on his back, slides under Kenny’s cock and balls making sure he licks as much of Kenny as humanly possible. After Garett works Kenny’s cock for a while, Kenny gets Garett to lie back on the bed allowing Kenny to go to work slurping up Garett’s hard, erect cock. Kenny rolls over on his knees baring his ass for Garett. Garett, in turn, buries his face in Kenny’s ass and shoves his tongue and fingers as far into Kenny’s hole as possible. After some good priming Kenny is ready and after pulling back his legs, Garett fills Kenny’s ass with his cock and begins fucking him quite feverishly. As he is pumping Kenny’s hole Garett grabs Kenny’s cock and works both at the same time. Midway thru, our two young studs switch positions and Kenny fills Garett’s ass with his even thicker, longer cock. As Kenny continues to pound away at Garett’s ass, Garett takes his cock in hand and keeps it stimulated. Garett keeps jerking his cock while Kenny pounds at his ass and before long Garett blow his load of cum all over his stomach. This sends Kenny over the edge; he pulls out and shoots a thick, creamy load all over Garett’s cock, balls and stomach.