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Fisticuffs – Billy Cochran & Mario Ortiz

After screwing around with his boss, Billy just can’t seem to get enough up his hole. He shows up next cruising in an alley and holding a baseball bat. He propositions Mario Ortiz and promptly bends over to get screwed in the graffiti-covered backstreet. Mario mounts him from behind and fucks him down with his giant uncut cock, drilling the muscled butthole without mercy. Next, Billy climbs up on the garbage container and offers his hole up for some deep drilling with the baseball bat he brought. Mario slides the greased-up bat in his hole and begins to pump, watching in disbelief as the butt lips pull in and out with every thrust. Billy is anxious to relive the deep fisting scene from the office and gets Mario to oblige. Ortiz aims for his tonsils as he drives his straightened arm up the stud’s hot canal. The action has Mario beating his meat furiously and when he gets ready to pop, he orders Cochran onto his knees and splatters his hot jizz on his chest.

Big On The Inside – Nick Piston & Billy Cochran

Hot House Exclusive Nick Piston has Club Inferno favorite Billy Cochran right where he wants him – with his tasty round ass prone and ready for some hot tongue action. Once free from the stockade, Cochran swaps deep-throat blowjobs with Piston. Nick takes control, throws Cochran on his back, shoves his fat cock deep inside Cochran’s throbbing hole and grabs a nearby candle to drip hot wax all over Cochran’s chest, nipples and muscled abdomen. Piston probes and primes Cochran’s hole for a fat 10lb dildo, followed by a fat fire-plug dildo and eventually his gloved, lubed fists. Eventually both men shoot loads of cum, followed by a hot golden shower from Piston all over Cochran’s sweaty, cum-splattered body.