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Fisting Theater – Brian Bonds & Luka Sage

Brian Bonds is working the front desk at the ‘Fisting Theater’ when Luka Sage comes in to audition fresh from Iowa. The boss is out so Brian offers to run the audition for him. Luka agrees and gets up on a table to show his stuff by getting down to his jockstrap and offering up his hole for Brian to eat out. Brian’s experienced tongue opens Luka up but a tongue can only go so far. Brian loves what he tastes and wants to get Luka gaping wide. He starts by sticking in a finger or two and works his way up by slowly inserting a few more at a time. Soon Brian has his entire fist inside Luka’s wide asshole. Brian realizes that the small-town guy from Iowa can take anything you throw his way, and Brian starts fist punching Luka’s giant hole. Luke pushes back and shows his rosebud as Brian continues the relentless pace with his fist, keeping Luka on edge until he can’t hold back any longer. With Brian’s fist planted deep inside his ass, Luka lets loose and blasts his giant load all over himself.

Warehouse Fists – Brian Bonds & Zack Taylor

Zack Taylor leans forward like a runner at the starting blocks. His back is smooth but his pale buns are furry. Brian Bonds’ fist is positioned in the crack, coaxing Zack’s hole to gain entrance. Raunchy Brian proves a talented fisting top as he takes it slow. He stretches the walls of Zack’s ass with his thumbs, then with eight fingers of his pressed-together palms. Zack’s ass yields, with a primal scream, so Brian can employ both fists, left-right-left. We see Brian’s face and the front of his torso for the first time when he stands upright and turns to chew lips with Brian. Brian resumes the fisting, a slow punching rotation, with Zack on his back, pulling his cock. Zack exhales a long, slow moan of relief as he squirts a high arc of jism onto his furry belly, for Brian to lick up.

Obey – Brian Bonds & Sean Harding

Brian Bonds is hanging out in the sex club and feeling a bit more dominate than usual when Sean Harding walks in. After eyeing each other for a bit and rubbing their cocks, Brian approaches Sean and forces him down to his arm pits where he has Sean sniff all his musky scent. He then forces him down to his crotch where he starts face fucking Sean’s open mouth. He then has Sean rim his ass for a while before continuing to face fuck him and gag his throat. Brian then moves to Sean’s ass and rims him deep with his tongue. Once his hole is nice and wet. Brian stands up and shoves his bare cock deep into Sean’s eager hole. He climbs up on the horse and fucks him harder and harder. He then moves him over to the tire on the floor and sucks Sean’s big cock for a while before he sits down on Sean’s cock and rides him deep and bare. Once his hole is satisfied, he puts Sean on his back and starts fucking him again until Sean shoots his own load onto himself. Brian then has Sean drop to his knees and feeds him his thick load of cum. Enjoy!

The Big Tool – Brian Bonds & James Oakleigh

After getting his hole serviced by James Oakleigh, Brian bonds is ready to show off his own skills at busting ass. He starts by opening James up with his tongue, getting in deep as James relishes every flick from Brian. Brian can see that James needs more than his tongue and takes it to the next level by shoving his fingers into James’ tight ass. His fingers quickly get sucked into James’ hole until his whole fist is enveloped by flesh. Brian punches deep, alternating hands, as he twists and turns into the open hole in front of him. James wants it even deeper and rides Brian’s fist to achieve maximum penetration. Brian can’t resist James’ big leaky cock and sucks on it as he continues to destroy his hole from behind. James wants Brian to fist the cum out of him and lies back in a sling to let Brian use his hole even more. With a hefty fist inside of him, James lets loose a guttural moan and lets the cum fly. Brian gives James an extra bonus when he collects James’ cum and shoves it up his gaping ass.

The Hand That Fists You – Brian Bonds & Ben Reyes

Black boots. Black gloves. A redhead, on his back. A Latino, with his gloved fist insisting on entry to the ginger’s ass. The redhead is Brian Bonds, and you have to imagine that he and his fister, Ben Reyes, are dizzy with the aroma of sweat and leather and the crusty, stained jock strap Brian is wearing. Brian pulls his thighs back, exposing his eager hole, signaling that he’s ready to take it. Ben’s shoulders and biceps flex as he presses for advantage against Brian’s tight hole. Patience, more lube, and Ben’s hand pops in, to the wrist. Brian cries out as his hole is challenged by alternating fists advancing and withdrawing. Every time Ben’s fist disappears, his fingers spread. Brian responds with the pleasure that pain and submission give to this well-versed player. It’s pushed him to the edge and he tips the scales by jacking off with Ben’s fist deep inside of him. Brian’s ankles quiver. Ben tickles his hole and pearly streams of spooge emerge from the head of Brian’s cock, to roll down the shaft. He scoops some up with his thumb and sucks it down.