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Show Me That Big Cock! – Joe Parker & Jessie Colter

Joe Parker & Jessie Colter are lying in bed and Jessie is trying to get a look at Joe’s big cock, but Joe is playing hard to get. After tussling back and forth for a bit, Jessie gets his way and Joe pulls out his cock. Jessie immediately demonstrates his exceptional cock sucking skills by deep throating all of Joe’s huge cock. Once they are undressed, Joe sucks Jessie’s cock for a bit before Jessie offers up his ass to Joe’s tongue. After Joe rims him, he starts fucking Jessie on all fours at first. As Joe is sensitive, he likes to wear a condom so he does not cum too fast. Jessie then rides Joe’s cock for a while before ripping off Joe’s condom and then lying on his back and letting Joe fuck him raw until both explode with intense orgasm’s.

Teaching Sexy New Guy Troy – Blake Mason

James just happened to be in the office when we got some pics of handsome Troy and he called first dibs. We’re never gonna turn down an opportunity like that so we booked them both for a horny session breeder away. No doubt handsome new guy Troy needs a few more experienced in front of the cameras to get to grips with things, but James has a great time getting his career started. The two suck and slurp those delicious dicks and soon enough Troy is sliding into his butt and giving the handsome boy a great ramming, from behind and riding too, then on his back and making him splash a good load of hot juice over himself! Troy couldn’t help himself when it came to his own load, shooting in the condom and pulling out to drip the mess over his new friend. After a debut like this we can’t wait to see more of this handsome guy, and well done James for breaking him in and taking that joystick like a champ!

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Tight Spaces

Twink titans Taylor Coleman and Sebastian Fox burst into the bedroom hot, heavy and hands ON the moment they hit the screen! Their tongues intertwine and clothes fall to the floor while hands wander below their slim waistlines. Taylor falls to his knees, teasing Sebastian’s schlong with tender cock kisses before deep throating the dude’s thick dick to his big, beautiful balls. The sexy schlong sucking machine is raging hard and his heated hog is in desperate need of attention. So, he whips his underwear down and that thick throbber smacks against his tight torso with a lusty, loud thud. He kneels, planting that perfect piece of his right at Fox’s fuck me boy face. The raven haired hottie doesn’t disappoint, delivering a down right delicious dick sucking so good Taylor rewards his hot hole with a tongue fucking then, offers the boy a raw ride on his pleasure pole. Sebastian slides his saliva slick seat down on Coleman’s condom free phallus and rides it like a cock hungry cowboy. Fox plants a kiss on the blue eyed beauty’s perfectly chiseled face before the two flip so Taylor can get an ass full of Fox’s big, fat fuck stick! He pounds pretty boy’s posterior doggy style while grabbing fistfuls of that tight twink tush before flipping the fine fucker onto his back for an even deeper dicking. Coleman’s cream catapults through the air and he nails himself right in the neck, just as Fox’s cock is ready to erupt. The brunette’s beautiful bronze boner blows a beasty bust onto his buddy’s already cum covered six pack before collapsing onto the cream covered cutie for one more kiss.

Shooter Maker BTS – Pascal & Brad

This Behind-the-scene is very precious to me. Not only this scene was one of my favorite reality style shooting I did, but I also captured a conversation I had with Brad about one of his friend Zack Lemec. So this BTS was asked by many of our members and it starts with that discussion, when I’m asking Brad if his friend would do a scene for me. After that we get down to business and make sexy Brad try my penis pump then cum in a condom so I can taste his sperm.

Don’t Be So Uptight – Derek Reed & Vadim Black

As Derek Reed and Vadim Black come walking into the room, Derek picks up the skateboard and says that his roommate and friend Donny left it behind. He then sees the condom and lube and gets angry that Donny is always leaving a mess. Vadim agrees that it is fucked up that Donny is so disrespectful, but says ‘at least he’s getting laid!’ Derek asks Vadim what he means by that and Vadim tells him that if he wasn’t so uptight he might get laid more often. After a little awkward silence between them Vadim makes a move and says they should have some fun and with that they start making out. Derek drops to his knees and sucks Vadim’s beautiful cock. Vadim them sucks Derek’s cock for a while before asking him to bend over and get fucked. Vadim fucks Derek doggy style first and then Derek rides Vadim’s hard cock. Derek then lies on his back and Vadim fucks him until he cums on himself. Vadim pulls out and shoots a massive load of cum that his Derek in the face.