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Tai & Jay

Tai is a dark haired beefy hairy guy and in stark contrast is red-haired Jay. Tai’s about 10 years older than Jay and a total bottom while Jay is a young cum hungry top.

The two mess around sucking cock – curling up into a 69 where Tai’s hairy body is offset by Jay’s pale skin in a kind of sexy ying yang symbol. Jay’s cock slides into Tai’s hairy ass and he pounds that furry butt with glee.

The peel off each other and jerk their own cocks til they blow their loads and say thank you – good night!

Alex Adams – Alex Adams

Once he gets comfortable Alex has a firm grip on his hard cock as he strokes it fast and rarely stops to take a break. He might have some wrist issues after this scene with all the constant beating off he has going on but what a sight to see as this young man grips his dick tightly building up his balls for a full release. He lays sprawled out on our comfy sofa legs spread showing his hairy hole while he slowly strokes his throbbing shaft up and down. His boyish looks and slight moans are a big turn on. He has a very sexy thick vein that is smack dab in the middle of his hard cock that any AD soldier would love to feel pulse in their mouths. You know the great release is coming when his hands are moving faster than light speed and his breath is picking up. You can see his face quiver and finally with one last stroke of his fat dick he lets loose his built up load all over his sexy smooth chest. Enjoy!

Shut Up and Fuck Me! – Kurtis Wolfe & Sergeant Miles

Kurtis Wolfe and Sergeant Miles are making out as their hard, hairy dicks throb and rub against each other. ‘You’re so hot,’ Kurtis says, to which Sergeant replies ‘Just shut up!’ That’s Kurtis’ cue to get on his knees and service Sergeant who barks out the commands to suck his balls and swallow his dick. Kurtis does as he’s told until he offers up his hairy hole for Sergeant to open up with his tongue. Sergeant takes his time, savoring the flavor and getting it nice and lubed and ready for something much bigger. When Kurtis can no longer take the anticipation, Sergeant stands up and shoves his thick cock deep into Kurtis’ eager backside. He pumps away, going balls deep as Kurtis enjoys every thrust with a smirk on his face. Sergeant wants Kurtis to do some of the heavy lifting and lies back to let the stud hop on his cock. Kurtis rides it deep until Sergeant is ready to blow his load. Kurtis eagerly takes his place in front of the muscle daddy until Sergeant sprays Kurtis’ beard and open mouth with all the jizz his big full balls can deliver. With the taste of Sergeant still fresh on his tongue, Kurtis returns the favor and unloads his massive cock, giving Sergeant a creamy facial. When Kurtis sees his handiwork, he bends down and the two kiss the cum away.

Dude! Where’s My Watch? – Element Eclipse & Boyhous

Boyhous reclines in a leather sling, the heavy ring in his nose resembling the chain links by which the sling is suspended. the pouch of his black jock strap has a red center, vividly recalling a lethal spider: handsome, dangerous. Element Eclipse is on his knees, toying with the hairs around Boyhous’ swollen and hungry hole. Element closes his lips around the hole and sucks, creating a slight mound with a crater in the center. That’s the hole that is about to receive Element’s adept fist. Element works the hole first with his mouth and tongue, then he sucks Boyhous’ cock. Element stands with his huge cock. When Boyhous coaxes his rosebud into emerging, Element fucks him. In this case, the fucking is only the foreplay. Element’s cock is followed by his fist, and the rhythm causes the sling to swing, gaining acceleration and amplitude until Element’s arm is buried halfway to the elbow. Element withdraws. Boyhous’ rosebud swells to full bloom as he grabs his cock and directs a golden fountain onto Element’s hairy chest and hard, pierced nipples. A rapid-fire sequence of sucking, fucking, rimming and fisting brings both men to a cum-soaked conclusion.


Travis is a skinny long haired Aussie Boy has had a long day at work and now all he wants to do is relax in the spa. He’s horny and hot so his cock is already getting hard in his tie dyed undies.

As the water soothes his tired muscles he keeps playing with his cock. He turns over in the water to show us his pale tight ass, fingering his hairy hole. He grabs at his balls and keeps stroking his cock while the bubbles bounce off his skin.

Now fully relaxed he gets out of the spa and jumps on the bed. Check out his six pack as he keeps stroking his cock whilst laying back on the fresh sheets. He grabs his balls tightly as he strokes his cock – it gets even bigger and he then needs both hands to stroke the long schlong. He takes his time so we can enjoy watching every stroke until he blows his load and smiles.