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Curious Boys Innocent Fun! – Lollipop Twinks

We would all love to have either of these boys unexpectedly arrive at our door for some fun! Yann is home alone when hung young Michael knocks, and soon he’s invited in for some exploratory fun! You can see Yann isn’t used to sucking rod, but he loves the taste of that big uncut dick! His hairless little ass gets some talented licking from Michael which has his knob blasting out cream, almost without warning! That’s all Michael needs to see and his own long cock is splashing hot juice all over the boy’s rump. It’s innocent dick sucking fun between two gorgeous boys, just as is happening right now all around the world.

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The Fixer – Austin Wolf & Skyy Knox & Arad Winwin & Tyler Roberts

The Fixer (Tyler Roberts), The Associate (Arad) and Alex (Austin Wolf) have their own plan, and they’re in their SUV when the threatening and demanding text messages start to arrive. The Fixer, Wolf, has a plan. They arrive at the garage where Don (Skyy Knox) is holding Tony (Beaux Banks) in no time flat. The trio ambush Don and rough him up to teach him a lesson before ripping off his clothes and bending him over a table. Wolf is the first to whip out his cock and slam it into Don’s asshole. Alex soon follows and face fucks the shifty stud as Wolf continues bringing up the rear. Each of the hunks wants a piece of Don, so they switch it up and Alex takes the asshole as The Fixer and The Associate take turns plugging his face with their big hard dicks. No one is left out of the action as one by one, everyone takes a turn with each of Don’s used up holes. Don even gets punished with an extra-long session of double penetration as all three guys take turns shoving their cocks into his ass in pairs. None of the guys think that Don can ever be punished enough but after all the hardcore fucking, all three are ready to paint his face white. The Associate blows first and hits his mark in Don’s wide-open mouth and extended tongue. The sight of all that cum dripping from Don’s face and mouth puts the other two studs over the edge as they each unleash their loads in Don’s begging mouth. Not everything is over when the cum stops flowing. Some punishments just aren’t enough, and this time around Skyy may have bitten off more than he can chew, choosing the wrong guys to fuck over.

Cum Loving Twinks Shoot Off Their Loads – Teach Twinks

Colby and Marcus have a natural chemistry with each other, they’re good friends who both have the same interests – mainly pecker and spooge! They love to spend their time working each other up, jerking those dicks and sucking on each other until their spunk is ready to gush out! Check out the mouth shot and the jizz eating finale!

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2 Hardcore Fuck Buddies! – Lollipop Twinks

This really is an incredibly hardcore fucking with two intensely horny young men! Micah and Joey just can’t get enough of each other in this horny session, sucking and jerking on each others dick and rimming those tight little puckers! The real horny action kicks off when Joey sinks his bone into Micah and bareback fucks him deep and nasty, not satisfied until he’s taken Micah’s load in his face! But the fun definitely isn’t over yet… Joey jerks his own semen out soon after, decorating Micah’s hard dick with his juice and then sucking it off! We’re still not done though, Micah has another load of hot jizz to pump out in Joey’s face, finishing off with the two sharing their juices in a sticky make out session. Perfect!

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Two Hung Jock Cock Buddies – Teach Twinks

There’s never been a hotter pairing in our opinion! Gorgeous jock boys Wesley and Jake are so hot for each other there’s no way to hold them back, even if we wanted to (which we definitely don’t!) With plenty of sucking and jerking the guy2 fuck, Wesley being ridden by horny Jake until he’s getting a hot reward in his face, then being helped to his own load!

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