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Sensually Plunging His Hole – Blake Mason

Who could have predicted that teaming up Kamyk and David would be this hot? Oh, yes, we did! Come on, it was a no-brainer, a handsome and fit bottom dude with a gorgeous and smooth twink ready to full his arse, what could go wrong? Nothing, that’s what. These guy2 are amazing together, from the sight of David worshiping the boy’s joystick and hard nipples to the sight of him on his back with that rigid dick sliding in and out, it’s a perfect duo from start to creamy finish. Watch Kamyk lick out that hole, suck on that wide shaft, pound his buddy and finish up with two wanked out semen splashing loads erupting from their boners! We get the feeling these two will be meeting up for some extra fun off set, and maybe some more in front of the cameras in the future too!

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Jake Gets Messy With Fraser – Teach Twinks

Fraser is one of those charming and sexy dude who could get any dude out of his pants, but he didn’t need to try hard with gorgeous young Jake. With both of these bloke being real knob sucking fans we knew the dick sucking was going to be awesome to watch, and they didn’t disappoint. We’re not sure if it was all that cock slurping that got them both such awesome semen loads, or maybe it was the amazing fucking Fraser delivers to his new friend’s greedy ass, but whatever, it doesn’t matter, it’s just awesome to see a couple of hard boners squirting off like that after such a great time!

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Dancer Boy Loves That Cock – Blake Mason

Everyone loves seeing Mickey in the bedroom, and that’s definitely true for Jed. It’s been about four months since we last saw the blond twink, so he was eager to come back and have some more fun and when we suggested getting fucked by bad boy Mickey he was ready to set the date immediately. Well, you would, wouldn’t you?! The hairless boy is pretty ravenous when he starts sucking on that stiff bone and showing Mickey his dick sucking skills, worshiping the lad’s dong and getting Mickey throbbing for his hole. With a little licking of Jed’s perfect pucker he’s soon sliding in and giving the lad some slow thrusts, with the boy doing the splits on the bed, but it’s when Jed hops on to ride his new buddy that the pace really picks up. Once he’s shown Mickey he can get a little more urgent with that butt things only get hotter, fucked from behind and rammed on his back until Jed is wanking off and spewing milky goodness out all over his hairless body. As soon as Mickey gets a taste of his juice he’s easing his cock out and preparing to launch, jacking his uncut shaft and splashing his cream over his new pal. Of course, Mickey has to go in for one more slurp of their sticky goo!

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Bi Bottom Loves That Twink Cock – Lollipop Twinks

When you ask Nathan about his time BC (before joystick) he’s shocked that it took him as long as it did to try it. He’s moved on a lot since his first time swapping hand jobs with a friend, these days the bi lad is all about riding dicks! He couldn’t wait to meet sexy young Ash, the chemistry was there right from the first moment and we could tell they couldn’t wait to get their meat out and start sucking. That’s just the appetizer, after gobbling those boners Nathan sits on that meat and goes for an amazing ride, with Ash taking control and giving his new buddy the kind of fucking he needs. They say the proof is in the pudding, and in this case the pudding is splashing out all over and making an amazing mess!

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He Makes Gabriel Cum Twice! – Blake Mason

Gabriel and Xavier have been checking each other out on the site for a while, they’ve both been interested in appearing with the other so we had a good feeling about this pairing. That feeling was confirmed when we got the bloke together and they were bulging out of their underwear breeder away! All it takes a little kissing and the guy2 are desperate to get their hands (and mouths) on those rampant cocks. Their lust for cock is impressive, truly worshiping each other’s meat in an almost romantic session of mutual slurping that should have every viewer stroking along and wishing they were there to get a taste too. If you think the sucking is good, just wait until Xavier slides his pucker down on that gorgeous length of fuckmeat Gabriel is offering. Things quickly become more desperate as he bounces on the hairy stud, then lays back to take some deep driving thrusts with Gabriel in control. All that effort really pays off, the bloke lay back and kiss while they stroke themselves over the finish line, with Gabriel starting the cream splashing, and finishing it after Xavier explodes! Yeah, it was so good our hairy hunk shot double the cream!

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