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Fit Top Goes Bottom For A Hung Twink – Lollipop Twinks

It’s a game of role-reversal for fit lad Cody and tight little twink Drake in this delicious pairing of european boy lust! Cody is usually the one pounding bottom boys, and Drake is often the one taking it, but when these two get together they can’t help themselves and decide to swap positions. Starting out with some awesome oral the boys get to know each other, then it’s time for Drake to fill that inexperienced hole and give tight Cody a proper banging! Needless to say, they have an awesome time, as proven by the creamy mess these two make at the end of it all.

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Riding Kais Big Daddy Cock! – Blake Mason

Kai is one of those masculine men so many of the other guy2 want to team up with for a video, so when we asked David if he was down to fuck he couldn’t wait to get in front of the cameras with the guy. The passion between them is obvious, but it’s not surprising, they’re both the other’s “type” in many ways and that only becomes more clear when those cocks are out for sucking. Kai is a real prick tease, he loves licking and stroking a dick then gobbling it all down. He works that meat like a pro before giving David the chance to play with his bulge, finally revealing his engorged length for the lad to suck on. Kai’s dick is a real demanding piece of fuckmeat, but David can take it, laying back and letting the big man take full control. He gets it on his back, then rides him too before getting the load fucked out of him and splashing Kai’s body with cream. A little more kissing and good wank takes our hairy mature hunk over the edge, adding his own thick load to the mess his friend has splashed out over him. Is this the hottest pairing of the month? I guess that’s for you guy2 to decide.

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Flip Flopping Makes Him Cum Hands-Free! – Blake Mason

Bi Frankie is back for some more knob fun, and who better to team him up with than gorgeous James and his big uncut dick?! The two really have it going on from the first moments, kissing and groping those growing dicks in their underwear, working their way up to some delicious dick sucking. I wonder if Frankie’s girlfriend is impressed with his joystick sucking skills? We definitely are, and James is more than eager to return the favor after getting his big meat slurped. With dicks drooling pre-cum it’s soon time to get down to the real action, with Frankie kicking things off and licking out his buddy’s hole, following it up with some deep and aggressive fucking. He eases in an pounds that arse, showing his new friend some natural skill. James is up next, easing his own big boner between those tight cheeks and ramming inked lad Frankie on his stomach and from behind. Swapping holes again Frankie ends up riding his new pal, his rod uncontrollably oozing semen while his prostate gets prodded! It’s awesome to see such a horny guy unloading hands-free from the dick up his arse, and James isn’t far behind with his own load, squirting out all over Frankie! We knew this would be a good team effort, but damn!

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A Perfect Jock Fuck Session – Blake Mason

Gabriel and Jack both had the serious hots for each other, having seen the other on video before. When we found out about their innate lust for the other we had to get them together for a fuck, and boy did it work out well! The dude are so into it, kissing and groping on the bed before we even started rolling. Moments after starting hairy Gabriel’s pecker is out of his underwear for gorgeous Jack to lick and suck. The feast of dick continues when Gabriel gobbles on Jack’s handsome shaft, but soon his arse is up and demanding some attention. Jack doesn’t hesitate, getting his lips and tongue between those muscled cheeks and worshiping his musky hole. Gabriel moans with delight as Jack eases his joystick into his pucker, fucking him from behind while the hairy hunk demands more and pushed back on that shaft. Gabriel is hard and stroking it while being pummeled in a spooning position, but it’s when he’s on his back and taking it good and hard that he finally lets his spunk splash. Jizz splashes from his dong, raining down over his hairy body, the sight of which soon has Jack furiously wanking off over him and pumping his own thick cream. We knew it would be hot, but damn!

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Jonah Is Back To Fuck Jesse! – Blake Mason

We haven’t seen Jonah for such a long time, but we’re definitely glad to have him back. He’s getting a very warm welcome from gorgeous Jesse too, a perfect match for this horny boy. The two have obvious hunger right from the start, kissing and groping, feeling for those hard hooded cocks in their underwear. Those dicks aren’t hard to find, they’re both packing about 7-inches of throbbing cock for each other to suck. Both bloke deliver some awesome oral before Jonah takes aim at that arse and eases inside, fucking our Maltese hottie on his back. Things get a little meaner when Jonah gets his buddy on his front, jabbing between his buns and grabbing him by the hair. It’s okay, Jesse can take it, he’s soon stealing control and taking a ride on that dong. With cream loads edged to the max and ready to pop the boys lay back and stroke their way to a shared creamy finish, one that has us all joining in and making a mess too!

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