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Leo Walker – Leo Walker

Leo Walker is a very tall hunk of a man with amazing smooth dark skin. He has barely any hair on his sexy firm body and a perfect cock that’s ready to test out an elite one day. He’s an extremely nice man with a flirty side. His thighs are muscular and very sexy as he stands tall stroking his hard dick. His smooth ass tightens up as he strokes every inch of that smooth sexy dick of his. Once Leo sprawled out on the couch you can see just how sexy he really is. His smooth untouched ass peeks at us as his balls bounce while he strokes that throbbing hard dick. He moans with pleasure as his balls become fuller. His long legs are spread out wide as he shows off that hard dick and with a few more strokes you can hear his breathing pick up and he calls out to let us know he is about to blast his nut all over the place. Leo lets his cum spray all over his smooth built chest as he unloads his balls and making some amazing sexy noises. Enjoy!

Fisting Theater – Teddy Bryce & Noah Scott & Alex Killian

Teddy Bryce is auditioning new holes for to take the stage at the fisting theater when Noah Scott enters to showcase his hole’s talents. Eager to book the gig, Noah gets down on his knees in his jock and does everything that Teddy commands from him. Teddy wants to see Noah cram his own fist into himself. Noah tries his best, he can’t quite take it all the way. Alex Killian is the janitor working nearby and notices Noah is starting to struggle to impress. Alex decides to help and peels off his clothes and jumps on stage to show Noah how it’s done. Alex gets his whole fist up his ass but Noah still isn’t able to handle it. Finally, Teddy jumps in and puts on his gloves to open Noah up. With two asses in front of him, Teddy slips a hand in each one and opens them both as wide as they’ll go. He pumps away, going wrist deep into each stud, busting their holes wide open. Alex is the first gaping hunk to give in. With Teddy pounding away on his used up hole, Alex blasts a massive load of cum all over himself. Noah is up next, and Teddy is as far inside Noah as Noah’s ass will allow when the young hunk’s cock bursts with jizz. Covered in cum, Noah knows he still needs a little practice, but it seems like he just might have the job.

Riding Kais Big Daddy Cock! – Blake Mason

Kai is one of those masculine men so many of the other guy2 want to team up with for a video, so when we asked David if he was down to fuck he couldn’t wait to get in front of the cameras with the guy. The passion between them is obvious, but it’s not surprising, they’re both the other’s “type” in many ways and that only becomes more clear when those cocks are out for sucking. Kai is a real prick tease, he loves licking and stroking a dick then gobbling it all down. He works that meat like a pro before giving David the chance to play with his bulge, finally revealing his engorged length for the lad to suck on. Kai’s dick is a real demanding piece of fuckmeat, but David can take it, laying back and letting the big man take full control. He gets it on his back, then rides him too before getting the load fucked out of him and splashing Kai’s body with cream. A little more kissing and good wank takes our hairy mature hunk over the edge, adding his own thick load to the mess his friend has splashed out over him. Is this the hottest pairing of the month? I guess that’s for you guy2 to decide.

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Clean Freak

When Johnny Hands comes home to find roommate, Marcell Tykes has left their place a mess, he isn’t happy to say the least. Hands runs a tight ship and is hellbent on teaching the tight bootied twink a lusty lesson. Marcell is lounging about on his bed while their place looks like a dorm room after a rager; and, THAT makes Johnny’s blood boil. Tyke’s deliciously trained dancer derriere happens to be in the perfect position for a well earned punishing. He’s bent over his unmade bed and Johnny isn’t about to let this teachable tush training moment go to waste. Heavy handed Hands humiliates the hottie and goes hog wild on that hot hiney of his, spanking the FUCK out of the kid. He swats Tyke’s tight seat with sultry spankings that get more severe every moment! Johnny starts the sexy session with Tyke’s trousers on; but, taking them off is just too tempting. The hot hunk hammers away at Marcell’s meaty booty and doesn’t let up. Just to make sure he drives the lesson home, Hands holds a mirror up to Tykes’ too cute face and goes in even more aggressive, telling him to “look a yourself,” making sure he gets to the “bottom” of the problem. Hands wails at Marcell’s beautiful brown butt in undies a bit then, completely pantses the pretty mess while making Marcell promise to keep their shared space clean. Johnny isn’t quite convinced yet so, he gives it to the guy’s gluteus absolutely gloriously. His perfectly rumped roomie thinks he butt beating is cumming to a close when Johnny gently caresses his caboose. Then, the spank happy hunk winds up his well muscled arm and swats Marcell’s seat for all he’s worth, counting down the last ten tachable tush tenderizing moments. Tykes’ sweet moans are music to johnny’s ears and are the porn perfect blend of pleasure and pain. The sexy spank stud is certain he’s got through to the dirty dude, knowing his huge hands have put in a good days work convincing the kid to keep their place clean and tidy. Otherwise, Marcell now knows there WILL be hell to pay.

Otter Erotic – Drake Masters & James Stevens

James Stevens is late to Drake Masters’ show on the main stage but when Drake takes one look at James, Drake is more than willing to stick around a little longer for a private after-show. Drake doesn’t waste a minute and drops to his knees to work on James’ thick hairy cock, taking it in and out of his mouth all the way down to his big fuzzy balls. James loves the way Drake’s mouth feels wrapped around his throbbing cock and he picks up the pace to face fuck the hairy hunk. When James is rock hard, he knows he needs a taste of Drake’s hairy hole. He turns the stud around and eats his hairy ass until Drake is also hard as a rock. Drake turns around and offers up his throbbing dick, which James is more than happy to service. Drake takes control and throat fucks James’ face until his talented mouth brings Drake to the brink. Drake pulls out and unloads on James’ beard and lips while he works his own cock. It’s time to return the favor to the horny stud and he stands above Drake while he drains his full balls all over Drake’s face and beard.