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Unwanted Pool Guest – Dolf Dietrich & Leo Luckett

Leo has been sneaking into his neighbors backyard, Dolf Dietrich, and he doesn’t like it one bit. Leo Luckett has been told multiple times not to jump the fence and kick it in his pool. Leo is back at it and is enjoying a hot spring day in the pool but what he doesn’t know is that Dolf is hiding behind a wall in the backyard spying on him. Dolf has always wanted to get in this young bucks pants and today he has the leverage. Dolf continues to spy on Leo while rubbing his dick through his pants. Leo is clueless to the fact he is being spied on and he now makes his way to the lounge chair to catch some sun while he dries off. Dolf makes his way to Leo and catches him off guard. Leo is frightened and not sure what to do but talk back to Dolf. Dolf tells the young buck that if he lets him fuck him than he can use his pool any time he wants. Leo agrees instantly and Leo wraps his young mouth around Dolf’s big fat cock. Leo doesn’t mind sucking on this hard cock since he will be able to swim all summer long. Dolf face fucks him deep and hard until the kid can’t take it no longer and then Dolf starts to service Leo’s young eager cock. Once Leo’s cock has been sucked on for some time Dolf turns him over to reveal his smooth tight hole and he starts to tongue fuck him making his ass nice and lubed up for his dick. Dolf pushes his huge hard dick into Leo’s tight young ass making him squirm. Dolf fucks Leo hard and deep making sure this kid feels his hole stretch nice and wide. Leo can barely take it and soon Dolf flips him on his back and pulls his cock out and blast a hot load all over the kid. Leo sees all the jizz and strokes his dick until he shoots his load all over himself. Enjoy!

The Best Cheap Massage – Leo Luckett & Colton Cain

Newbie Colton Cain hasn’t had too many happy ending massages, so when he sits up from Leo Luckett’s table and finds Leo naked and hard as a rock, he’s a little shocked. Leo assures him this is all standard, and for $60 Colton concedes Leo’s pricing is hard to beat. So he relents, letting Leo do what he does, and from there Leo takes over. Having already rubbed Colton from head to toe, Leo begins to focus his efforts on Colton’s hardest area, as he works Colton’s cock with his mouth. Colton immediately begins to feel the tension easing, but in order for a full release, he’ll need to do some deep intensive work with Leo. Leo is down for it and bends over as Colton pokes and prods, fucking Leo hard on the massage table. Leo strokes himself off as Colton raw dogs him from behind, fucking the cum out of Leo before pulling out and dropping his load all over ass freshly fucked hole in front of him. He coats Leo with a sweet and sweaty release, and Leo smiles at the thought of another satisfied customer, certain that Colton will soon be back for yet another booking.Enjoy!