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Bradley and Rosta

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Shirtless Bradley Cook is lying on the bed massaging his own chest when Rosta Benecky sneaks into the room. At first Bradley does not see Rosta and he reaches into his pants, pulls out his already thick and long cock and begins jacking it. As Rosta eases up onto the bed he begins kissing Bradley’s chest and rock hard stomach; slowly working his way down to Bradley’s cock. Rosta sucks Bradley’s dick into his mouth and starts working it with his tongue causing it to get even harder. Unbeknownst to us Rosta is definitely a foot man as he at first kisses and caresses Bradley’s feet; but, then pulls out his cock and rubs it all over Bradley’s feet. Rosta crawls up beside Bradley for some more kissing and mutual masturbation before Rosta bends over in front of Bradley so that Bradley could bury his thick cock right up Rosta’s ass. These two studs fuck in three different positions before Rosta; who’s now laying on his back shoots his load on his stomach and the bed as Bradley continues to fuck his tight ass. Bradley pulls out and jerks his load of hot jizz all over Rosta’s balls and cock before both of them head off for the showers.

Barely Reunited

Wesley Woods has been waiting patiently at Jason Styles’s grandfather’s house for hours. He can’t believe he’s going to be reunited with his old high school buddy! Jason is coming home for the weekend and the two have made plans to hang out. But Jason has NO idea how excited Wesley is!The two hug and retire to Jason’s childhood room to relax and catch up. Wesley doesn’t waste too much time before telling Jason that he’s recently come out to friends and family as gay. Jason is surprised, but expresses that he’s totally cool with it. Wesley uses Jason’s initial bewilderment to take advantage of the situation. Jason says he’s cool with is and even has gay friends. Wesley reminds Jason of some of the things they’d do back in school, and asks Jason if any of those gay friends suck his dick the way he used to! Jason is thrown off again, and a bit scared by this. But he can’t resist Wesley’s handsome face and sexy moves. He lets his old friend wrap those lips around his cock and relive an old memory. This sucking turns into 69ing when the guys move to the bed. Jason decides to let go of his inhibitions and sucks Wesley’s big, hard cock as Wesley tongues Jason’s tight, tender hole. This leads Jason to really become very turned on. He decides to allow Jason to fuck him. They start out nice and slow. Jason climbs atop Wesley and rides him, but first fitting in that massive, bare cock into his sweet, virgin ass. Once they work up a nice pace, Wesley really begins to thrust upward aggressively. It feels good inside Jason’s hole. As they bone, at one point, Jason’s grandfather pokes his head inside the door! Luckily, the boys were able to hide just in time. And as soon as gramps is gone, Wesley takes Jason all the way to pleasure town for a nostalgic eruption of suppressed passion.