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Trent Olsen Solo Session

Get ready for some fresh, hot chicken as Max Carter directs blond babe Trent Olsen in this sexy stroke session! Max chats up Olsen before getting down to business and the dirty blond boy is an open book. The college cutie is from Idaho; AND, he grew up Mormon.The good boy gone bad talks about coming out, kinks and his first time before serving up a sultry strip down. Carter can’t help but give the guy’s already hard hammer a hand. Both blond’s take turns tugging on the twink’s thick dick but Carter is craving some college boy can as well. Trent has a peach of a posterior and Max gives the guy’s plump seat some swats while checking his oil with two probing fingers. Facing front once more, Max toys with Trent’s tallywacker, pulling it down then releasing, causing the rock hard cock to make a loud smack against Olesn’s tight torso. Our two blonds keep tag teaming Trent’s torpedo and tight pink tunnel, switching back and forth before Max lubes up the dude’s dong and hungry hole. This sends the sexy student into the stratosphere, his breath and meat beat speed quicken and, he releases all that college stress with a sticky good cum shot!


Muscles up Max Carter is scalding hot and takes complete control of cock hungry twink Collin Adams in this scorcher! A magnetic connection is clear from the start as the perfect pair get hot and heavy in a beautifully romantic bedroom. After a steamy make out session, our blond Adonis pushes the pretty boy onto the bed and kisses his way down to Collin’s cock. He teases the twink with tiny kisses over his sexy black undies before pulling them down, releasing Adams’ rocked up appendage with a spring and a loud slap that smacks against Collin’s equally hard stomach. Carter works his own cock while giving Collin a rock socking suck job before standing to allow Adams access to his hardened hog. Adams chokes down Carter’s dick while Max cranks up the heat with a hand to the back of the boy’s head as he fucks his face. Anxious to get at Adams’ amazing ass, Max manages the young man back onto the bed and, flips his legs over head with ease. Then, Carter crams Collin’s can with a warm tongue and welcome fingers before the boy begs for a fucking. So, Mr. Max flips pretty boy like a pancake and a raw dogs the dude. There’s no doubt Carter is in complete control, maneuvering his horny play thing where he wants and looking fine as fuck doing it. His washboard abs flex when flipping Collin onto his back before burying his bone back in and bangin’ booty as Collin’s hard cock bounces to the raunchy rhythm. When Max lays down, Adams knows to sit his fine little ass back down on that dick so, the pair work can work in tandem to tenderize his hot hole. Completely in sync, Carter smacks Collin’s caboose and his turns around, giving the camera an epic ass banging, schlong shaking show. The porny position does the trick for Max and he muscles a mighty load of leche’ into the lad’s loins. The warm sensation fills Adams’ ass and he launches one of the best cum shots of the year, right in his own face!

Lucas Burke Solo Session

Fresh first timer, Lucas Burke is a sexy 18 year old brunette bad boy from NYC with a tight teen body toned up from being on his high school swim team. Max Carter gets the erotic extrovert to open up about some sensual situations before having the Santa hat clad hottie strip down to his red hot nut huggers. Carter has him unwrap his perky smooth posterior and delivers a few Christmas cracks to the dude’s derrire while spreading his sexy seat, getting him ready for a porny present. Burke turns around and helicopters his huge hog playfully at the camera and Carter can’t resist lending Lucas a hand. The tasty twosome take turns tugging his tripod till it’s rock hard before Carter let’s him know his stocking is stuffed. Lucas reaches in and pulls out three beautiful new butt plugs! Max lubes the boy’s new toys up and shoves ’em up his chute. The hot bottomed babe enjoys every inch of the thick, girthy gifts and Max makes sure their put to good use while the sexy swimmer does a stroke of another kind. Burke keeps his beautiful booty plugged while the porny pair pump his piece towards absolute pleasure. Lucas lays back and gives Master Max complete control until his Yule log ignites, splashing hot spunk onto his taut torso, making this a wonderful white hot, sticky Christmas!

Cade Russels Solo Session

Texas twink Cade Russels is a college cutie who’s smart and sexy with a giant juicy jock that’ll make your jaw drop! Max Carter gets the beautiful blond boy’s boner motor running while talking about the tight bodied teen’s taste for BDSM before ordering the bad boy strip down to his black boxer briefs. Cade smiles coyly, exuding the kind of cocky young confidence that comes with having a colossal cock! The dirty blond babe reaches in his underwear and works his wide wang with a little help from Max’s masterful hands. Carter helps the hottie drop his drawers and gives the gorgeous girthy groined guy a uber hot hand job. He strokes the super sized schlong then, pulls the raging hard rig down only to release the beast, causing a booming boner thud as the thick dick slaps the dude’s smooth, shredded stomach. Cade turns around and shows off his other side which is just as fine as the front! His back seat is smooth and plump with a bit of peach fuzz and it’s just begging for a finger banging! Carter lubes up his digits and dives in to the delicious derrire. The guys take turns tantalizing the twink’s tight tunnel AND his huge hog hanging down below. Our boy turns back around and goes to town on his tall tower, using TWO HANDS (and a finger in his fuck hole every now and again) to bring his bone to the brink! His huge hammer heaves a hefty load that splashes onto his perfect peaches and cream complexion. Carter helps him milk the last luscious drops from his cum cannon and the sexy college student serves us a sultry smile, confident he’s given a perfect performance. And, he definitely has!

Sebastian Fox Solo Session

It doesn’t get any fresher than 18 year old first timer Sebastian Fox! The Arizona exhibitionist is sexy and confident while talking about his penchant for public hook ups; however, he REALLY comes to life when walking us through his first time with a guy, which just happened to be at FOOTBALL CAMP! #Hot The delectable, young dude dives into delicious detail which naturally gets director Max Carter horned up and excited to get to the guy’s goods. And so, he does! Sebastian strips slowly, caressing his trim frame while eye fucking the camera and creating cock stiffening suspense by leaving his undies on. He invites Carter closer with just a look; so, Max reaches down and massages the massive bulge forming in the boy’s straining briefs. He works Sebastian’s schlong to it’s full potential before unleashing the beast. The big bone bounces out with impressive heft. The flagpole sized phallus is formidable but, Max is always willing to lend a friend a helping hand. He gives the guy a hot handy using long strokes on the hero hog. Fox is blessed on both sides and Carter does a thorough ass inspection: probing, spanking and caressing the boy’s beautiful bottom with his big hands. The giant jock fills the entire frame while they both take turns tag teaming the twink’s lubed up love lance. Fox fingers his hot hole and cranks up the heat then, fires a fuck load of lust liquid onto his tight, teen torso. Max goes in and milks the monster, making sure every silky ounce of ooze is drained from the dude’s long dong.