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Fit Top Goes Bottom For A Hung Twink – Lollipop Twinks

It’s a game of role-reversal for fit lad Cody and tight little twink Drake in this delicious pairing of european boy lust! Cody is usually the one pounding bottom boys, and Drake is often the one taking it, but when these two get together they can’t help themselves and decide to swap positions. Starting out with some awesome oral the boys get to know each other, then it’s time for Drake to fill that inexperienced hole and give tight Cody a proper banging! Needless to say, they have an awesome time, as proven by the creamy mess these two make at the end of it all.

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On The Market – Austin Wolf & Dustin Holloway

Junior agent Dustin Holloway gets called up the stairs to his boss’ office. Austin Wolf is an intimidatingly handsome power broker, and Dustin is a bit nervous about making a good impression. Fortunately, Austin is happy to give Dustin a way to impress him. As Dustin sits in the office chair, Austin undoes his belt and pulls out his monster cock. While Dustin wraps his lips around Austin’s tool, Austin unbuttons his dress shirt, revealing massive arms, bulging pecs, and plenty of tattoos. Dustin moves up on to the desk so that Austin can return the oral favor, sucking Dustin’s cock and tugging on his low-hanging balls. Throwing his leg over Austin’s muscled shoulder, Dustin presents his ass for a rim job. After licking Dustin’s hole, Austin probes the tight entry with a finger and massages Dustin’s prostate. Dustin turns over and assumes the doggy style position. Teasing Dustin’s ass with the tip of his cock, Austin finally thrusts inside with powerful strokes. Dustin’s firm ass wraps around Austin’s girthy cock as he slides in and out. Leaning back on a chair, Austin points his cock at the ceiling, and Dustin climbs on for a ride. As Austin thrusts up from below, Dustin uses his powerful legs to fuck himself on Austin’s hard, pumping meat. Jumping back up on the desk, Dustin takes Austin’s cock missionary style and strokes himself until he cums on his treasure trail. Pulling out, Austin jerks out his load on Dustin’s stomach and leans in for a closing kiss.

Zack & Jack Make a Porno – Woody Fox & Skyy Knox

Skyy Knox has left the set after a dispute with another performer and when Zack (Woody Fox) chases him down to console him, the comfort quickly turns to lust as the two lock eyes and start making out. Skyy’s towel quickly drops to the floor and Zack’s pants are soon to follow as Skyy goes in for a taste of what his producer has to offer. Skyy loves the taste of Zack’s massive cock and could stay between his legs for days if he could. As much as Zack loves the oral attention, he’s not going to let Skyy’s ass slip away from him so easily. Zack bends his star over the back of the couch and goes directly into his hole with his tongue, giving long broad strokes from balls to back until Skyy is begging for a dick up his ass. Zack isn’t one to let his guys down and slides his dick into Skyy, going slowly at first and building to a frenzied fuck as Skyy demands harder and faster pumping. Skyy wants Zack’s dick even deeper inside of him and after getting plowed on his side, hops on to finish himself off as he rides Zack’s pole. Skyy is rock hard with a dick up his ass as he blows his load all over his own cut abs. Skyy is still hungry for more and opens his mouth wide as he hops off Zack’s cock to take a massive creamy facial before he gobbles up all the cum.

Jonah Is Back To Fuck Jesse! – Blake Mason

We haven’t seen Jonah for such a long time, but we’re definitely glad to have him back. He’s getting a very warm welcome from gorgeous Jesse too, a perfect match for this horny boy. The two have obvious hunger right from the start, kissing and groping, feeling for those hard hooded cocks in their underwear. Those dicks aren’t hard to find, they’re both packing about 7-inches of throbbing cock for each other to suck. Both bloke deliver some awesome oral before Jonah takes aim at that arse and eases inside, fucking our Maltese hottie on his back. Things get a little meaner when Jonah gets his buddy on his front, jabbing between his buns and grabbing him by the hair. It’s okay, Jesse can take it, he’s soon stealing control and taking a ride on that dong. With cream loads edged to the max and ready to pop the boys lay back and stroke their way to a shared creamy finish, one that has us all joining in and making a mess too!

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Fucked By A Solid Spanish Cock – Blake Mason

We thought it was about time we had Spanish guy Aaron back for another hardcore fuck, and wouldn’t you know Michael was eager to get back in front of the camera and have some fun just at that same moment. Needless to say, we knew we had to get them together. The dude start out easy with a little kissing, but soon those hard uncut dicks are out and the boys are sharing a little horny frotting. Wanked and wet and ready for more Aaron gets sucking on his new buddy, showing Michael his oral action skills. His familiarity with English might be lacking but Aaron sure knows how to use that mouth on a delicious dick! With Michael almost dripping pre cum he gets his own taste of hard boner, making Aaron moan gently while he gobbles on his dick. Now desperate to get it good and deep Michael lubes up and slides down, engulfing Aaron’s length, his own knob raging while he rides and groans with pleasure. He gets it harder when Aaron takes over the thrusting, having to slow down a couple of times to stop the spunk from spewing out early. By the time these guy2 are laying back and edging their dicks Michael is writhing with ecstasy and Aaron is loving it!

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